Why to trust ECOGEA logo

We offer certification of natural, natural with organic portion and organic product from section of cosmetics, cleansing products and fragrances, based on ECOGEA standard.

ECOGEA standard is complete collection of strict rules for the certification of natural and organic cosmetics, cleansing products and fragrances. The products must comply with all criteria of the standard. It sets a high standard when it comes to defining what natural and organic means. Consumers can be assured that products with ECOGEA logo are higher quality products, verified in detail by third party. This is independent certification body made from experts from the industry and academia. Special attention is made to the composition of the products.

Consumers can be assured that products with ECOGEA logo are worthy of that name.

The verification of whether the products comply with the ECOGEA criteria or not is made in a two phase certification process which include detailed check of ingredients and production audit. Each certificate has to be renewed every two years with possible un-announced inspections during this time.

The main benefits of certification for consumers are:

  • Assurance from trusted third party with guarantee of a higher quality of products.
  • Guarantee that all ingredients in certified products have been thoroughly checked and are in accordance with natural and organic concepts.
  • No misleading claims and fraudulent marketing approaches and anti greenwashing rule which assure that majority of products from specific brand comply with ECOGEA standard.
  • All products must have expert documentation made to comply with all requirements regarding safety, toxicity and environmental impact.