Chemicals and Safety Data Sheets Services

Many customers are not aware that dangerous chemicals are all around us. Most common detergents, house cleansers, essential oils, ambient fragrances or other household products are included into this category. Some of these chemicals are used as ingredients and put into cosmetic, foods and other domestic product in small quantities, thus diluted and not harmful anymore. But as a basic ingredient in concentrated form these are dangerous chemicals which require special attention about handling, storing and transportation. All these chemicals are subject to strict international regulations which require standardized documentation.


We offer SERVICES all from helping you find the right manufacturer/distributor for all kinds of chemical to preparing the right documentation in accordance with regulations, such as SDS, COA, etc.


We offer our customers complete solutions for making/translating/updating safety data sheets (SDS) for global regulatory compliance.

Safety data sheets follow regulations such as REACH, CLP, and GHS. Standardized 16 point data format for the SDS is required for substances that are to be shipped into or out of the European Union. Customs service’s commonly review SDS upon import into the EU and products with non-compliant or out-dated SDS will not be allowed to pass customs.


If you have out-dated SDS we can review it against current REACH and GHS requirements. This in general means identify gaps for missing data, enter required changes, translate of hazard symbols to GHS standard, etc.


We are specialized in ingredients most commonly used in cosmetic and food industry. Such chemicals are essential oils, fragrances, aromas and other similar chemicals.


REACH Regulation – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemical Substances (Regulation 2006/1907/EC)

CLP Regulation – Regulation on classification, labeling, and packaging of substances and mixtures (Regulation 2008/1272/EC)

GHS – Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals