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We offer certification of natural, natural with organic portion and organic product from section of cosmetics, cleansing products and fragrances, based on ECOGEA standard.

This standard is the result of a partnership between ECOGEA Institute professionals and experts from the industry sector who have been looking for easy to understand, fast to implement, low cost solution to present/market the quality of ingredients from natural and organic origin in their products. Criteria of the standard are also additionally controlled and updated from non-industry related experts from academia. All mentioned with respect to the environment, safety of the consumer and with focus on quality and sustainability of raw materials.

How to certify?

Certification follows guided step by step processes and procedures of product certification.

1. step – getting started: Read the ECOGEA standard and assess if your products in their current state comply with the criteria or if the formulations needs to be modified. Also make sure if you are able to assess documents required during the certification.

2. step – contact: Contact ECOGEA Institute which will cooperate with you directly or forward you to approved certifier in your region (if available). As soon as you have agreed to cooperate you will be guided through the certification process with all support needed.

3. step – certification process: two step process consist of documentation verification step and production audit step. Applicant is guided through with together with experts from ECOGEA Institute. Main focus is on ingredients of the products such as certificates of analysis, SDS, allergen lists, proof of origin, etc.

4. step – labeling: Once the products have been certified, they will then be allowed to use ECOGEA logo and claims about natural and organic composition for marketing purposes.

The label fee is applicable to certified products. Further information are available during 2. step – contact us.

This standard is developing together with industry of organic and natural products. It means that it is ongoing live process, therefore subject to periodic review and amendments.

Download ECOGEA standard

natural and organic standard for cosmetics, cleansing products and fragrances (latest version)

The main benefits of certification for manufacturers are:

  • Greater trust and confidence from the customers with certified guarantee of a higher quality products.
  • Your claims on products are verified by third person making them trustworthy and not misleading.
  • New chances on the market in the section of certified natural and organic products.
  • You show to the customers your responsive attitude towards environment.

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