We offer certification of natural, natural with organic portion and organic product from section of cosmetics, cleansing products and fragrances, based on ECOGEA standard.

This Standard has been developed at the international multinational level by ECOGEA Institute for quality and innovation of natural and organic products based in EU in order to define common requirements and definitions for natural and organic cosmetics, cleansing products and fragrances. First and most important objective is to highlight a real enhanced value of the ingredients from natural origin and organic agriculture. The objectives are implementation of principles that promote and give preference: to the use of ingredients from natural origin and/or organic agriculture, to use environmentally friendly physical and chemical process, to be focused of environment impacts such as good biodegradability and low ecotoxicity and to actively contribute to sustainable development.

Product categories

I. Cosmetic products:

skin care, body care, hair care, sun care and decorative cosmetics

II. Cleansing products:

cleaning agents and detergents with good biodegradability

III. Fragrances:

Perfumes, ambient scent products and essential oils

Important objective is actually also a goal to present standard that is equally available to implement to micro small companies and up to multinational enterprises. Current available standards in general favor big and rich companies, meaning that it is almost impossible to implement it for small companies, micro family businesses or start-ups.

The great advantage of this standard in comparison to other standards for organic products is that most of the work can be done online. Even an audit at production sites can be avoided if proper documentation and required proofs of compliance are provided by manufacturer. This reduces costs significantly compared to similar standards for organic products.

Manufacturers can certify products with three categories: natural, natural-organic and organic

Certificate is valid WORLDWIDE

The main benefits of certification for manufacturers are:

  • Greater trust and confidence from the customers with certified guarantee of a higher quality products.
  • Your claims on products are verified by third person making them trustworthy and not misleading.
  • New chances on the market in the section of certified natural and organic products.
  • You show to the customers your responsive attitude towards environment.

The main benefits of certification for consumers are:

  • Assurance from trusted third party with guarantee of a higher quality of products.
  • Guarantee that all ingredients in certified products have been thoroughly checked and are in accordance with natural and organic concepts.
  • No misleading claims and fraudulent marketing approaches and anti greenwashing rule which assure that majority of products from specific brand comply with ECOGEA standard.
  • All products must have expert documentation made to comply with all requirements regarding safety, toxicity and environmental impact.