Cosmetic Products Consulting

The EU Cosmetic Directive 1223/2009 took effect on 11 July 2013 and replaced the outdated cosmetic product directive (76/768/EEC). New regulation covers all about cosmetic products available for sale in the EU and set clear obligations and responsibilities for manufacturers, importers and distributors of cosmetic products. This directive defines what a cosmetic product is and what safety requirements have to be fulfilled to bring it into the European market.

There are some requirements for legal marketing of cosmetic product in the EU:

  1. A completed Product Information File (PIF) and Safety assessment of cosmetic product (CPSR)
  2. EU address for the person legally responsible for the product
  3. Notification/registration of each product to the EU authorities, using the CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal)
  4. Correct labeling on the package and correct advertising
  5. Good manufacturing practice (GMP); all cosmetic products have to be manufactured according to GMP principles

We offer SERVICES helping you in each step of your path to EU market. It could be from formulation advises, production, and finally very important all about paperwork legally required for each cosmetic product. You can also hire us as your RESPONSIBLE PERSON for cosmetic products in the EU market.

We can organize complete PRIVATE LABEL production of natural or organic cosmetic products in EU, GMP certified facility for reasonable prices. We can develop your unique FORMULATIONS in any segment of cosmetic industry. We could also IMPROVE and/or CORRECT your existing outdated formulation with novel and innovative concepts. All customers from small batch to high volume producers are welcome. We don’t judge because we know that small can become big with right guidance.